"The work of the Foundation continues to provide vital support to the Armed Forces – it has never been more in demand and necessary. These turbulent times require extraordinary things of our troops, and the contribution of The BFF makes it all that little bit easier for us all – Brig, Headquarters 16 Air Assault Brigade

What the Foundation has given us by supporting this event is priceless; a knowledge that what we did in Afghanistan is appreciated and acknowledged by those outside the military. What The Briitish Forces Foundation does is very special and without doubt makes a significant difference to the 'moral health' of the British Army – Lt Col, 1st Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles, Brunei

It is an extremely generous, time-consuming and selfless gesture to travel to Afghanistan and bring so much joy to the troops in this hostile environment – Col, HQ UK Task Force, Lashkar Gah

This was the first opportunity that I have had to attend one of the shows, and I have to say that it exceeded all expectations. Katherine and Jim presented a wonderful window when reality ceased to exist for all of us who attended – Capt, 45 CDO RM, Afghanistan

Christmas was a hard time for all of us. I was apart from my husband and daughters (aged one and three). It was hugely appreciated that these people had made the effort to come and entertain us, so close to their own family Christmases – Regimental Medical Officer, 1 Bn RIRs

I know the work of The British Forces Foundation is much valued by the Armed Forces, in particular the way you encourage a dazzling array of performers to entertain personnel in the most hostile of environments – Prime Minister, Gordon Brown

It was a real pleasure to host you all. BFF most certainly achieved the aim. The lads are still talking about it now and it was a huge success. Many thanks for all your efforts
– Wg Cdr Wayne Loxton, Basrah

It was a night that will linger long in the memory for everyone who was there, indeed it must go down as the most remarkable CSE type show that I have ever seen. There are not many of us here and it is a real fillip to morale to know that the crucial work being undertaken here is not being forgotten at home
– Maj Gen Chris Steirn, Kosovo

It was a most excellent evening, enjoyed enormously by all those fortunate enough to attend. Such was the impact that little else has been talked of since and our American guests in particular have been wholesome in their praise. It is so good that there are still a few things that the Brits can do better than our US colleagues – Lt Col Christopher Joynson, KFOR Liaison Officer

It made my soldiers feel like they had not been forgotten. That you journeyed out for no reward to this sad country (Iraq) at Christmas time is a huge tribute. The British Forces Foundation is well respected, its work is appreciated and we all admire your dedication – Brig, 7th Armd Brigade

This was the most moving experience I have ever felt. Thank you for an outstanding show, it had so much emotion and really meant a lot to me to know that the country really does care
– FS Pyshorn, 1 Sqn RAF Regt, Basra Air Station

I’ve been in the Army 32 years and I never thought to see 600 soldiers sit rapt with attention to opera; it was a riveting effect. The only topic of general conversation among those lucky enough to see the show is the BFF visit – GOC,
HQ Multinational Division, Basra

It was an outstanding night’s entertainment – one that you should be proud of, taking into consideration the many flattering remarks I have been receiving
– Major, SAS

Having spoken at length to the Marines I can honestly say that all who attended the Bardu concert had an excellent night and, according to one Marine, you’re a “hoofing bloke”
– CO 42 Commando

The impact these shows on the individual Marines cannot be underestimated particularly when known stars take time out of a busy schedule at no cost, which is often a surprise to the Marines and one that they fully appreciate. It not only provides quality entertainment for the individuals but also demonstrates genuine appreciation for what they endure in order to deliver the end result. More importantly it also introduces some alternative fun into a busy schedule which has been sadly lacking over the last few years due to back-to-back operations and deployments
– Commandant General Royal Marines

I fully understand how difficult it was to organise this show and there were a significant number of hurdles to overcome. It would have been easy for any of us to give up at any point but none of us did. For that I really do thank you
– Capt CinC Fleet

It means a great deal to me when somebody like you makes the time to pay a tribute to my soldiers. It makes them feel very special, which they are. Thank you – Lt Col 1
Cheshire Regt

A great show, thoroughly enjoyed and a perfect curtain-raiser for Christmas –
SAS Regt

The UK soldiers of IMATT feel loved again and have all gone back up country, or to work, very content, re-telling the jokes over to each other. You guys are brilliant for delivering the whole thing – and for free!
– Lt Col IMATT Sierra Leone

It was much appreciated that you and your team took the time to put on a performance that will be talked about for a long time. It was a remarkable night

From all of us in British Forces Gibraltar, thank you for your visit and such an outstanding show. It really was marvellous entertainment and the feedback has been very upbeat indeed; so many people remarked that they have never laughed so much in their lives
– Cmdre Royal Navy, Gibraltar

A very big and heartfelt thank you for your extremely generous gift – it was very much appreciated. At a time when the press was particularly scathing about our efforts out in Afghanistan, whilst we were working in some of the most extreme conditions ever encountered, it was a great morale booster to know that someone was supporting us
– Lt Col Royal Marines

Too often we get the impression that the performers we see care little for us – nothing could be further from the truth with the team you brought. I was genuinely touched by the interest they all showed in us
– CO 45 Cdo, Arbroath

The performances in Hammersmith and Ali Al Salem were extremely well received and enjoyed by all, providing a well-earned morale boost for all those who attended. On behalf of the troops please pass on my thanks to all those involved in the British Forces Foundation for the excellent work you do
– Col, HQ Iraq

Being away from home over Christmas can be difficult, especially for the families left behind, but it is certainly made much easier knowing we can count on such solid support from people like yourselves
– Cmdr Royal Navy

The support we received is very much appreciated and it helped to get people through some difficult times. There is no denying that this Gulf War has been much harder, more violent and more brutal than was expected
– Lt Col, 2RTR

You have done a very great deal for all the Services. Many Servicemen and women from around the world owe you a lot
– Chief of the Defence Staff

It was an absolutely brilliant show put on for free for the forces personnel and dependents in Germany – Status Quo were amazing. I think you are all to be commended for putting yourself out to arrange events like this that really do make a difference
– GOC 1 UK Armd Div

Your visit was definitely a high point in a period of time that had many lows and we will never forget that
– Cpl, Macedonia