Jeremy Paxman launched himself into the fray on behalf of The British Forces Foundation when an eagle-eyed traffic warden pounced on the Charity's Lap of Honour car.

But the tough talking Newsnight presenter - who can strike fear in the most hardened of politicians - proved no match for the London jobsworth.

In spite of Mr Paxman's best efforts to explain that The BFF supported the morale of troops, the warden – yes, the one still lurking in the background of the photograph – was unwilling to enter into the spirit of the campaign.

He ticketed the BFF car - which is being signed by 50 British icons in support of servicemen and women on duties all over the world, including Afghanistan and Iraq – as Mr Paxman was adding his own signature.

The forces of reason were wasted... or were they? The BFF will be fighting the case and, if needs be, we will revoke the Mayor's right to sign!

Watch this space.