WITH Christmas almost upon us, Lap of Honour has enjoyed a recent flurry of activity which, at one stage, saw seven icons signing in just two days.

Clarkson, Hammond and May added their support along with Kevin McCloud – the 'Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car'. Even The Stig joined in and, although there was some confusion when the helmeted legend was presented with a pen in place of a steering wheel, in the end he decided to autograph the petrol cap.

The next day began with Sir Phillip Green followed by Rory Bremner and Jeremy Paxman. The Newsnight presenter went head-to-head with a traffic warden who, in spite of Mr Paxman's best efforts to explain the purpose of the campaign, went ahead and ticketed the vehicle anyway.

After a long day evading the paparazzi, Kate Moss signed beside her Christmas tree which prepared the way for our most extraordinary signing to date... Sir Elton John.

With flooding in the West Country and the destination the O2, the timings were incredibly close. Even so, when Sir Elton came out to sign he still carefully considered what to write in the travelling album. No sooner had the car moved off from the stage door then the crowd’s roar could be heard reverberating around the arena as the great man took straight to the stage.

A huge thank you must go to all the icons who have added their support to the campaign (38 and counting) and also to the companies who have backed us so far.

To sign up to The British Forces Foundation's Lap of Honour campaign please contact Ben Vestey at benvestey@bff.org.uk

So, there we are. All that remains is to say have a very happy Christmas from all of us here at The British Forces Foundation!